Snapwire - Breaking News: How to Snapwire your Breaking News.
Snapwire - Breaking News: How to Snapwire your Breaking News.
Main Stream Media is guilty of manufacturing News. Every Major Tv, Newspaper channels are owned and controlled by propaganda artists, politicians, religious leaders and despots groups who take advantage of people to enforce their own views.

Manipulation of Perception it is called.

Over the last decades the world has rapidly changed, when the Internet began. It began with a good purpose in mind, collaboration without borders with small simple utilities like sharing files, sending messages and conceptual community bulletin boards. 

Since then; much has changed and Internet and Technology has exposed many truths. Today Main Stream Media is left exposed, the owners of many main stream media channels are either owned by billionaires and or political parties. 

Here in lies our biggest problem. Most news is Manufactured News. It is made to drive a message, often a message of Bias.  Elections are manipulated & Catastrophes under wraps. 

Snapwire is not another news channel. It is the News. 

Its the news from people reporting from across the world often without any self benefit, but find it so important and overwhelmed of the matter that they report tracking down the story and its back story for the benefit of others. 

Here! You too can be part of Snapwire and break down the news. Uncensored!. 
                                                                                                                                                                                 … here is how!

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