Covid Vaccine Injury - Death Jabs - Adverse Affects reports - Crime Report Part 5
Covid Vaccine Injury - Death Jabs - Adverse Affects reports - Crime Report Part 5
List of Adverse Affects of Experimental Jabs - Government Lies - Denials - Crime Report Part5 - In part 5- 101-125 Video Testimonials and evidence to bring the criminals to court and charge them for mass murder. This is genocide on Humanity by corrupt big pharma and politicians who have sold out their soul. Please share and awaken the tribe.

1. Vaccine Injury 101, a Colorado Springs woman nearly died after receiving Covid vaccine

2. Vaccine Injury 102, Covid vaccine induced uterus blisters and 94 days of vaginal bleeding

3. Vaccine Injury 103. Michael Manchen's 22-year-old son

4. Vaccine Injury 104. A tale of a mother’s broken heart.

5. Vaccine Injury 105. 17 yo Shelby Allen Grace

6. Vaccine Injury 106. A Chemist Describes His Wife's suffering After Her COVID Vaccine.

7. Vaccine Injury 107. Australian ABC NEWS Reporter Severely Injured by the poison she advertised

8. Vaccine Injury 108. Just Got My First Dose Of Sputnik & Look How Pretty I Am

9. Vaccine Injury 90-2, Update from Casey Hodgkinson story

10. Vaccine Injury 109, Baffled that he had heart damage from Covid vaccine

11. Vaccine Injury 110, Tennis Legend Pat Cash - Speaks Out: About His Mothers COVID Vaxx Injuries

12. Vaccine Injury 111, Emaline Delapaix

13. Vaccine Injury 112

14. Vaccine Injury 113. Respiratory Therapist Joe Timm

15. Vaccine Injury 114. The vaccine god crippled her, but still doesn't understand anything

16. Vaccine Injury 115. The US government is crippling the sons of its country.

17. Vaccine Injury 116. Orthopedic Surgeon did 800 Surgeries Per Year but Now Cannot Work

18. Vaccine Injury 117-1. The woman told the story of what happened to her husband.

19. Vaccine Injury 118. Charissa Olivia Klamn

20. Vaccine Injury 119. Michelle Ross

21. Vaccine Injury 120. Dave Mears. Covid vaccine results in leg amputation.

22. Vaccine Injury 121. Vaccinated looks like she's been physically beaten by an assailent

23. Vaccine Injury 121 update.

24. Vaccine Injury 122.

25. Vaccine Injury 123. COVID vaccine causes cornea implant rejection

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