Iranian maritime forces in the Persina Gulf raised readiness levels in last 48 hours
Iranian maritime forces in the Persina Gulf raised readiness levels in last 48 hours
US Officials with latest info. Not clear if moves are "defensive" because expect US attack, or are signals Iran preparing for operations in the Gulf against the US, official said.

FUCK iran!

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01/01/2021 02:40 PM

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In 1979, the coward iranians took innocent American Embassy worker personnel, tortured/mistreated them for 444 days!

All over the United States, before widespread A.I. graphic memes, we had TEESHIRTS! They said "FUCK IRAN!"

Yes and England and the USA actually harbored the Ayatollah in Egypt to overthrow the Shah who they didn't want anymore.

  They thought that they could get friendlier terms after installing the Ayatollah and as usual severely miscalculated.

This.  If it wasn't for oil we would have.  Well that and the fact that Israel has infiltrated our government and now controls 90% of it. Sickening.

Hey remember that time a couple of years later when we shot down one of their civilian airliners killing like 300 or so people?

Probably evened the score right about there I'd say.

Israel couldn't have a more prosperous country in their region that they couldn't infiltrate.  So they destroyed them.  I really thing most of the Islamic Caliphate are controlled by Israel.

Or the time the U.S. work with Israel and assassinate one of their leading scientists.

Iran is just competition for Saudi Arabia which promotes the US petrodollar.  If the US had sold its soul to Iran instead, you'd be on here posting a thread titled "Hey Saudi Arabia, FUCK YOU!"

You are just too easily led and ignorant of US / middle east politics and the mechanisms that have been used to make the dollar survive this long.

When the dollar collapses your whole understanding of the world paradigm is going to collapse with it.

They'll be up there within the first two years saying "Iran and Russia and China? We've ALWAYS been good friends with them!" ala 1984.

You all talk like your oblivious to the fact that the US's military is just used as a chess piece towards the elites one world government.  

That's why any country that's attacked is always one that isn't going along with the one world govt plan.

  It has nothing to do with it "for the US".  The people pulling the strings don't give a fuck about you. You were merely born in the country that is being used as a queen on a chess board.

Eventually, the game will be over.

look at all the mudSLIME zombies coming out of the maggot pile on this thread

the shah tortured COMMUNISTS AND JIHADISTS, not normal humans only those cancerous zombies who were trying to invade and take over their country

long live the shah of Iran, he was a hero and also a direct descendant of mohammad

All of the Middle East would still be like this if not for Israel's wars.

Watch battle of Karbala to know what happened, the battle that changed the course of Islam.

American Hostages Day 444

"We eliminated the world’s top terrorist," Trump says as he imposes fresh sanctions on Iran

The day Israel attacked America

Did you forget about this?

100% agreed OP. Problem is, many here are probably not old enough to remember that horrific history, or they were never taught by their pathetic CCP controlled NEA/public school teacher curriculums. Iran should have been wiped off the face of the Earth decades ago.

Watch Christmas 2020 in Iran.

Christmas in Iran - It's not how you imagine it! 🇮🇷

This is just a little detail but the 52 American "hostages" were actually CIA jackals plotting a revolution in Iran against Ayatollah Homieni.

Tie a yellow ribbon. They were in their rights to shoot the fuckers as spies.

Just sayin'

TEHRAN, IRAN 1976 Before the Dark Revolution

He was harbored in a number of places by the west, the main point being that we agree upon (I think) is that he was harbored by the west itself and it backfired.

Americans don't like to play fair when they get caught.

Their scam is falling apart and they are trying to silence any voice that calls them out. It won't work.  To many people know the truth now.

There are alot of good people in the CIA but the top tier controls the directive. So claiming that someone is part of one group of another is bad when they werent in control of the directive is a logical fallacy unless you can prove or justify it by their actions and behavior...

So what has Pompeo done thats so bad?

Youre just another brainwashed NPC...

History-Battle of Karbala Full Movie Original HD (English Subtitle)

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