New Malaysia: Mahathir is asked to resign.
New Malaysia: Mahathir is asked to resign.
Mahathir is asked to resign. Malaysia Racial Tensions are at worst levels, Mahathir who was given a chance to lead the new PKR government after the fall of UMNO, a party in power for more than six decades, everyone had thought Malaysia was headed on the right track, but under the Mahathir Government and its racial profiling, Islamic Summit, Mahathir is increasingly looking very vulnerable and is increasingly pressured to nominate a date of handover to the chosen leader of PKR, who is Anwar.

Mahathir who some months ago was asking Carrie Lam of Hong Kong to resign and lecturing India on Kashmir, is increasing fighting for his own survival.

Well said by Dr K.N. Singh ! Listen to this if you are for New Malaysia ! This is our direction, take heed! Please share this around #PakatanHarapan #RISE #ThePeoplePower #Malaysian

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